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Organizational Assessment Services

A4p offers a full-range of assessments tools that identify causes of lower workplace efficiency and performance and applies appropriate solutions.


Leadership Alignment

A4P experts work with clients to improve workplace performance through accelerating exceptional leadership capabilities individually and collectively. By aligning those executives responsible for strategy execution with the organization’s vision, we can help determine the leadership capabilities needed to drive the strategy and deliver on the organization’s commitments.


Strategy Alignment

A4P provides the senior leadership team with the process and tools to help clarify the organization’s business direction, operationalize execution, and define the necessary changes to achieve business results. These changes include modifications in roles, responsibilities, accountabilities and interdependencies. A4P consultants conduct skip level interviews and data review to find out how much of the key messages and strategic direction are understood, embraced and acted on by the organization’s leadership.


Management Coaching /Executive Coaching

A4P provides advice, counsel and coaching to line executives on a broad range of business and leadership related topics – acting as trusted advisors with the sole purpose of enabling the executive’s continuing success. Our process enables senior leaders to apply coaching skills as leaders of leaders, resolve conflicts and to maximize their individual (and their teams) performance toward improved business results.


Process Improvement Strategies

Financial success is directly related to workforce process improvements that maximizes your workforce output. A4p works with business owners and executives to identify specific areas of need, applies tools, and systems to track accountability.


High Performing Senior Teams

A4P’s teaches and facilitates team improvements. Our process enables greater performance with less conflict.


High-value custom initiatives

A4p offers customized support to the many internal projects and initiatives within your firm. Our goal is to increase performance and maximize the financial and cultural performance of your organization.

We help organizations prepare for and implement initiatives to move firms from the entrepreneurial stage to a more professionally managed organization. Initiatives such as refocusing vision and strategy, addressing governance matters, short, medium and long term financial incentive refinements are typical assignments. Preparing for next stage financing, exploring buy vs. build options, and making acquisitions are also examples of our advisory work. In cases where clients require an interim CFO as they transition to their next stage of growth, A4P can provide experienced financial professionals able to support the enterprise with key financial information and operational analytics.


Comprehensive financial business assessment

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there – but, why operate your firm blindly? A4p offers a full-range of comprehensive tools and assessments to evaluate where your business is currently. We then use the data to identify issues and support and drive business growth. All, with a focus on your stated business and personal goals.

Visioning workshops: a4p helps business to increase the value of your intangible assets, which increases overall business values. We begin with your vision and then identify areas of needed improvement. The goal is increased value and profitability.

Virtual cfo services / virtual human resource development services

A4p provides the services of a chief financial officer and/or human resource development officer to assist your organization.

Bookkeeping solutions: a4p provides quickbooks (as well as other accounting software System) set-up, clean-up, and training.


Cost segregation / cost remeidation studies

Containing large expenses can make a significant difference to any organization’s bottom line. A4p uses experts to assess where and how your firm can cut expenses.


Succession Planning

Is there someone to replace you when you leave your firm? Let us help you determine the most effective manner of transferring business ownership so you can enjoy your next adventure or retirement. Our expert can provide business valuation services, replacement development, financial alternatives, and other succession planning and support services.


Business valuation

What is your business worth? What will it be worth when you’re ready to sell it? A4p experts can help you determine value and grow business value for your future sale.


Employee stock option programs

Many firms offer benefits in the form of an esop or utilse this program to transfer ownership. Let a4p determine the best strategy for your firm and implement an appropriate program.


Qualified and non-qualified plans

A4p can support your organizational retirement planning program selection, development, enrollment, and administration needs.

Personal and business tax planning

Tax planning offers the potential that an individual or business may pay substantially less taxes. We review your tax situation early to proactively implement strategies to support your year-end filing.


Advanced tax strategies

Strategies exist for high-wealth/high tax paying individuals and businesses. Leta4p explore how we can proactively provide tax strategies to your tax circumstances.


Comprehensive financial advisory services

A4p supports individuals and businesses to comprehensively address their whole financial picture. You no longer have to move between aadvisors as we offer a seamless service and serve as your most relevant financial advisor.


Tax credits

Our experts help you address and utilize the full-range of tax credits available to you and your organization.


Social security planning

Let us help you as you pe-plan for your social security benefits.


Business valuation

What is your business worth? What will it be worth when you’re ready to sell it? A4p experts can help you determine value and grow business value for your future sale.


Estate planning

A4p experts specialize in estate planning issues from start to finish.

Board Development

Boards are a collection of strong leaders with solid operational skills who now must develop oversight skills. A4p offers one-on-one and group support to build knowledge of governance standards, debate skills, and discover metrics for significant oversight.

Board retreats – both developmental and corrective


Board Chair Development/Coaching

Our experts offer coaching and one-on-one support for new and senior board chairs with a focus on managing meetings, enhancing board debate, establishing annual calendars, addressing member performance issues, and more.


Board Succession Planning

The average board member will take three years to learn the cycles and patterns of a new board. A4p experts know this and many more elements that affect board succession planning. We offer strurual, process, content, and member utilization strategies that enhance board succession.


Board Evaluation Support

A4p experts can design, facilitate, implement, and deliver your board’s annual performance and development evaluation

Financial education training for the board

Committee charter alignment / committee charter creation

Executive director development

Form 990 Filing

Tell your non-profit’s best story through your Form 990, so donors and future board

Members will see your professionalism.


Audit preparation services

We work with your current auditor to prepare your organization for your

Audit and to control overall auditing time and cost.


Virtual CFO services

Organizational and financial assessments covering financial wellness, process improvement, customer service

Analytics, and staff development/learning to target areas of needed improvement.


Governance Services (see “Governance Services” Tab)


Executive Director Development

Coaching to support and deliver comprehensive yet, crisp board

Meetings with targeted content and solid presentations to the board.


Cutlture Assessments and Training Audits

Process improvement audits and special projects

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