George Alexakis
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George Alexakis

George Alexakis

Senior Consultant



George has taught hospitality and business full time, currently an associate professor in the Resort & Hospitality Management program at Florida Gulf Coast University.  As a professional speaker, Dr. Alexakis presents training seminars for a variety of domestic and international organizations on topics such as


  • customer service and the emotional bond
  • dynamic communication
  • motivating employees and managers
  • leadership for peak performance workplaces


His operations experience of more than 15 years included managing his family’s businesses:  a formal dining room, a banquet hall, and a family-style restaurant near Toronto, Canada.

My Education

Doctor of Education

concentrating in Hospitality Management

Master of Science

in Hospitality Administration

Bachelor of Commerce

in Hospitality & Tourism Administration

Associate’s (Canadian equivalent)

in Hotel & Resort Managment

My Experience

full-service restaurant and event operations

foodservice and hospitality consulting

university teaching and administration